The Edupreneurial Method:

Learning as the “pursuit of happiness”

Learning makes you happy, as experienced in our human brains. With positive emotions which arise due to expectations that are exceeded, there is an opportunity for improving learning processes.
Hence I also want to highlight the role of emotions, and how they can be applied in learning processes. This is the core of the entrepreneurial method in education, which I have named the “edupreneurial” method.

Playful learning fits great in the mindset of the (current) generation that is used to acquires knowledge playfully by the internet; knowledge which nowadays is characterized in the fact that it is available and fast accessible anywhere (Smartphone). Playful learning is not new at all: already in 1938 the well-known scientist Johan Huizinga introduced the playing human being: “homo ludens”.

Although knowledge is very accessible, it is often too fragmentary in terms of the learning process (like  “zapping” with the TV). So, by putting knowledge and the acquirement of knowledge within the context of the dynamics of the (game) simulation, this knowledge is easier to remember and interpret, it gets structured and meaningful.

More information about the simulations can be found on http://le-network.nl/en/

Edupreneurial Certifikate to be gained from playing LE-Game