The Edupreneurial Method:

Learning as the "pursuit of happiness" 🙂

Learning makes us happy, our people brains. With positive emotions that arise because expectations are exceeded, you can improve learning processes.
That is why I also highlight the role of emotions, as well as how they can be used in learning processes, as I have shaped in the entrepreneurial method or the Edupreneurial method.

Playful learning fits perfectly into the perspective of a (current) generation that playfully acquires knowledge via the internet, knowledge that nowadays has the characteristic that it is also quickly accessible everywhere (smartphone). Playful learning is not new: already in 1938 the well-known scholar Johan Huizinga talked about the human being: the “homo ludens”.

Although knowledge is quickly accessible nowadays, however, it is often fragmentary (by “zapping”) in terms of learning process. Well, by placing the knowledge and knowledge acquisition in the context of the dynamics of the (game) simulation, the knowledge is better and it gets structure and meaning.

More information about these game simulations can be found at https://le-network.nl/en/

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